Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toast & Egg for breakfast

Salam All,

Just would like to share a very simple breakfast that I normally managed to prepare in the busy morning. Al-maklum la ... kurang rajin nak prepare yang dahsyat2, furthermore everybody is in a rush to enjoy the breakfast ... biasanya telan je asal perut beralas.

However, i would like to begin with a healthy breakfast that i had during vacations. Tara!!!! ....

How is it???? Healthy isn't it? Fruits, salad and olives. Mmmm .... marvelous! I love olive, but they did not serve many of it which I have to dig for it.
But ..... this is normally serve as the appetizer only!!!!
I had many more other things (there goes the 'healthy' items).

This is also another breakfast that really enjoy when on vacation. Omelet. Simply delicious!!!
(Bukannya susah pun, boleh buat sendiri kat rumah je ...., tapi biasa la kan yang orang buat jugak yang sedap).

And now to the one that I prepare back home. Scramble egg with tomatoes.

I learn to cook this from my brother when he came back from the middle east. He said, they used to eat this back there. i tried it, my husband loves it and became one of our favourite breakfast on busy days (working days).

2 eggs beaten
1 or 2 tomato(es) depending to your liking. Diced.
Salt and pepper to taste.
1 table spoon Olive oil

How to:
1. On a non-stick frying pan, pour the oil.
2. Once heated, fry the diced tomatoes until slightly cooked.
3. Add beaten egg. Scramble it.
4. Don't forget the seasonings! You may also add the seasonings while beating the eggs.
5. Whalla!!! Ready for consumption.

May be eaten with toast or make an egg sandwich out of it.

A close-up to the scrambled-egg.

Happy eating! Cheerios!