Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nasi goreng ringkas


Rushing from office to our home. Need a quick fix for the dinner? 
Fried rice is the simple answer.

A scenario.
You came home late. Rushing from the office and decided not to cook. 
Both the husband and you had not had a hefty meal for lunch earlier. Therefore you opted to eat out at a Malay restaurant.
What would you order?
Fried rice?

Well, why not make it yourself? 
Use all the available ingredients and kitchen tools.

How I made mine?
The rice: Entering the house, I placed my things near the counter. I quickly walked to the kitchen. 1 cup of rice is sufficient for the two of us. Washed and rinsed it, I cooked it in a Noxxa pressure cooker for 7 minutes. At times, I cooked using the Tupperware rice cooker (cooked in the microwave) for 15 minutes.

I get the ingredients ready for my fried rice.
1 onion
3 garlics
1 handful of anchovies
2 red chillies
Throw everything into the blender and blend it finely.

Next, prepare the vegetable to accompany it.

By then, the rice is cooked and cool it down by transferring into a large bowl. Cool to the room temperature.

Getting ready to cook:
2 table spoon of cooking oil
Fry all the blended ingredients till soften and brownish
Put in your vegies.
Flavoured it with salt and pinch of sugar (as I did not use any MSG)
Add the cool rice.
Mix well.

There you go ... a quick and easy fix,

You can add sunny-up egg, or fish crackers or fried prawn to your liking. It enhances the taste.

Happy cooking ...

#Note: You can also use Noxxa Pressure Cooker to prepare the fried rice, but my husband did not like it very much, therefore, I opted to traditional approach.


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