Sunday, January 31, 2010


Good morning!!!! Let's make a different today. (At least for my kitchen). Done with cereals, nasi lemak, lempeng or mee goreng, lets have something different this morning. Considering the kids only had something light for their dinner last nite, I resort to making an instant kebab!!

Mmmm .... Amacam? Terliur tak?

Well, very easy to prepare. I used all the instant ingredients.

Onion - diced
Ayamas Chicken burger - suitable for grilling, defrost and sliced (do not take too long to defrost it as it is difficult to slice it later)
Olive - sliced
Tomato - diced
Olive oil
Oppss... don't forget the bread - I use Gardenia's rolls.

1. Heat the pan with olive oil.
2. Fry the sliced chicken burger till cooked.
3. Add onion, tomato and olive.
4. Add seasonings - salt & pepper.
5. Cut the roll in the center vertically, but do not separate it. Apply butter onto it.
4. Toast it over the burning stove for a while (to replace charcoal burn).
5. Stuffed the chicken burger.
6. Garnish with sauce of your like.

Alhamdulillah, they liked it. I made three for my three lovely and handsome kids but it seems did not satisfy their hunger. They asked for more. Promised to make it again, InsyaAllah .....

Sweet n Sour Vege

This is a recipe that I cooked for my kids' lunch. Very simple to prepare, healthy and most important .... the kids like it.

The ingredients

Olive oil
Garlic - chopped
Onion - diced
Variety of vege depends on your taste (however, green leafy vege like spinach is not advisable)
Green apple - diced
Tomato - diced
Tomato sauce & chilli sauce - about 1 table spoon each
Sugar, salt & pepper to taste
Tamarind (to add if you like it vey sour)

How to:
1. Saute garlic in a heated olive oil till brownish.
2. Add the sauces and some water. let it boil.
3. Add all other ingredients. Cook for a while. (Do not over cook).
4. Add all the seasonings.

Ready to eat.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Broccoli Soup

Suddenly I felt like I need an extra anti oxidant. And from reading I know that broccoli is a source of this anti oxidant. Normally, broccoli is stir fried in my kitchen, but this time, let's make an innovation for my kitchen. Let's cook broccoli soup. Had it before somewhere, and I liked it. Now to let the family taste it. The recipe was taken from Majalah Rasa (bulan tak ingat) .

A very simple dish again. Sebenarnya, memasak itu mudah, asalkan MAHU. A liltle bit modification will do no harm, InsyaAllah. Most importantly, HALAL.

The ingredient:

Olive oil
Chicken - sliced thinly
Potato - if preferred
Chicken stock (I used chicken soup - therefore it has some taste of herbs)
Whip cream (I used fresh milk)
Salt and pepper to taste
Flour to thicken the soup

How to:

1. Saute chopped onion and garlic in a heated olive oil.
2. Add some minced chicken, followed by broccoli and potato. Fried till soft.
3. Add chicken stock and the whip cream.
4. Remove from the stove, and pour ingredients into a blender. Blend finely.
5. Pour the ingredients back onto the pan/ pot.
6. Heat it for a while, add salt and pepper to taste.
7. If required, thicken the soup with some flour that has been mixed with water (maybe ada proper term for this, but i'm not a professional chef, i do not know ....)
8. Ready to be served.

As a result, I managed to make everybody eat vege that night voluntarily. Cooking time approximately 30-45 minutes. I start the preparation right after solah Maghrib and we had it by 8pm.


Broccoli contains twice the vitamin C of an orange. It has almost as much calcium as whole milk, and the calcium is better absorbed.

Broccoli contains selenium, a mineral that has been found to have anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

Broccoli is a modest source of vitamin A and alpha-tocopherol vitamin E.

It also has incredible antioxidant properties.

The phytonutrients, sulforaphane and the indoles, contained in broccoli have significant anti-cancer effects. Research has show this compound (indole-3-carbinol)helps deactivate a potent estrogen metabolite that promotes tumor growth, especially in estrogen-sensitive breast cells, while at the same time increasing the level of 2-hydroxyestrone, a form of estrogen that can be cancer-protective. Indole-3 carbinol has been shown also to suppress not only breast tumor cell growth, but also cancer cell metastasis (the movement of cancerous cells to other parts of the body.

Sulforaphane contained in broccoli may also offer special protection to those with colon cancer-susceptible genes.

Researchers estimate that broccoli sprouts contain 10-100 times the power of mature broccoli to boost enzymes that detoxify potential carcinogens! A healthy serving of broccoli sprouts in your salad or sandwich can offer some great health benefits.

Other ways broccoli helps our lives include, help for sun-samaged skin, significant reduction in heart disease risk, cataract prevention.

Broccoli can help boost the immune system, build stronger bones and is useful during pregnancy with 1 cup of brocolli offering 94 mcg of folic acid. Folic acid deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world.

All this adds up to, eat your broccoli, 3 or more serving a week.

Healthy is about what you eat!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheese Cake

Tak sangka sungguh nak buat cheese cake ni. It came from K.Yan. She was telling how Sarah made cheese cake at Mak Long's house, and it excites me. I decided to make one. Luckily, hubby is so supportive to assist me in finding the ingredients (even though he doesnt like cheese).

The ingredient:

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Digestive Biscuit (for the base)
Butter (leave at room temperature)
2 eggs
Whipping cream
Evaporated Milk to taste. (no exact measurement was given, as k.yan practically taste it before baking ;-))


1. Blend the biscuits into crumbs.
2. Mix it with butter. Just enough butter is required to wet the biscuit.
3. Press onto a baking tray to form a base for the cheese cake.
4. Whip the cream cheese in the mixer till doubled.
5. Add whip cream, evaporated milk and eggs.
6. Pour onto the base.

Bake in the oven. But .... as my microwave was malfunctioning, we opt to steam it and the result was superb and in fact better (according to kak yan la ...).

Strawberry chocolate

This is a very, extremely simple recipe. The strawberries were bought during our family trip to Cameron Higland last December (resipi ni pun dah lama .... bukan la baru buat, or else strawberry tu pasti dah lebur).

I got the idea for this from Pah (Musfirah). Instead of buying those strawberry chocolate at the Pasar Malam, it'll be great to try doing it at home. The kids LOVE it .... nak beli mahal oooo ....

How did I do it?

Simple. Double boiled the cooking chocolate. Once ready, dip the strawberry into it. We (Atikah and me) used chopsticks to hold the strawberry in order not to spoil it if using a fork (guna tangan pun boleh, tapi takut orang kata tak hygiene le pulak ...). And its ready for eating.

Nyum! Nyum! Jimat dan Bersih!!