Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Miang Kham

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sambal udang kering dua terung

Assalamualaikum ....

Sambal lagi??? Sambal memang mudah dan ringkas. Ditambah pula dengan mulut ni yang sukakan kepedasan, menjadikan sambal memang dekat di hati. Untuk juadah tengahari yang sepantas kilat pada hari-hari Jumaat, sambal seringkali menjadi pilihan.

Dan kali ini kita persembahkan Sambal Udang Kering bersama Dua Terung. Terung pipit (belanda) dan terus panjang. It's marvelous. Terus pipit ni boleh dikatakan hasilbumi yang 'petik dan masak' kerana pokoknya subur menghijau di bahagian depan rumah. Asal pokoknya tumbuh secara tidak sengaja, bila dialihkan ke tanah, Alhamdulillah ianya memberikan rezeki untuk kejiranan. Inilah yang dikatakan tidak sia-sia berbudi pada tanah.

Better not blabbering too much. Now lets get down to cooking business. It's the recipe:

The ingredients: (this is exactly how I did it)
1 handful of 'terung belanda'
1 brinjal (terung panjang)
1 table spoon of blended dried shrimp *
1 large onion (diced)
2 garlics
About 10 achovies
1 full table spoon cooked chilli paste **
some tamarind juice
salt and sugar to taste
2 table spoon cooking oil

For fast cooking on a busy working day, I normally get my stuffs pre-cooked
* the dried shrimps were washed, rinsed and blended dry and stored in the freezer. whenever I need to use it for any cooking, example for frying rice, I simply take a teaspoon of it and add it as additional flavours.

** I had never used bought chilli boh in my cooking. The chilli paste was home made from the dried chilli bought at the store. I cut it to smaller versions, soaked in water to make it tender and at the same time removes any unwanted residue. Blend it wet, Then cooked in a slow heat for about 1 hour. Adding water occasionally not to let it burn. Some suggested that we should add sugar and salt while simmering it. It's up to individual. I preferred to cook it bare as I feel easier to adjust the taste to any dish later. To use it, I simply take a table spoon or two depending on the amount required and my cooking becomes very fast as I do not need to wait for a long time for the chilli to cook anymore.

All this preparation was done on weekends- the non-office day.

Now back to our dish for today:
Begin with preparing the brinjal. 
Cut into quaters. Then coat with salt. 
In a wok, fry it slightly till tender on both sides. Put a side.
The 'terung belanda' are boiled to tender.

1. In the same wok or cooking pot, heat the oil (use also the remaining oil from frying the brinjal) and add the onions and garlic. Fry to tender.
2. Add chilli paste and some water. 
3. Add the anchovies and dried shrimps. Let it cooked.
4. Add the tamarind juice, sugar, and salt. Taste.
5. When you get the taste that you want, add the brinjal and terung belanda.
6. Let it mix. Then serve.

Eat it with hot rice... Alhamdulillah. You would want more,


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pajeri Nanas


Pajeri anyone? Pajeri is the sweeter version of curry. The main ingredient is still the curry powder, but it add sugar for the sweetness. And pajeri is normally made with vege fruit. You can make it with pineapple, 'kedondong', or even the round brinjal.

What you need are:
The vege fruit that you like
1 large Onion
1 inch ginger
2 garlic
* blend all the above in a blender till fine 
2 tbs curry powder (meat)
Coconut milk
2 tbs Coconut paste (kerisik)
1 tbs sugar
To stir fry:
Onion and ginger (sliced thinly)
Cinnamon, star anise, clove
2 tbs cooking oil

1. Stir fry the stir fry ingredients in the hot oil till brownish
2. Add curry powder mixed in the blended ingredients. Cooked well. 
3. Add your vege fruit (pineapple). Cook till tender.
4. Add sugar.
5. Add coconut oil.
6. Add salt to taste
7. Add the coconut paste just before you turn off the heat.

Thats all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fluffy pancake with strawberry compote


Good morning everybody. Let's have breakfast. It's simple pancake today. But i enjoyed it with the homemade strawberry compote. Alhamdulillah.

After several blogwalks, I decided to try this recipe from the famous Cik Mat Gebu's Dapur Tanpa Sempadan. And as usual with my own measurement and fittings:

1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup plain flour
some fresh milk to the correct consistency
pinch of salt

Simply add everything in a bowl to form a batter. Later, ladle it onto a non-stick frying pan.
You can see it will start bubling. Flip it. 
Wait till the other side is golden colour too then remove from the pan to your plate.
Its delicious to enjoy it hot or cold.

For the strawberry compote, I search several recipies too. And decided to give a try since I have quite a lot of strawberry from the recent trip to Cameron Highland.

Wash the strawberries and rinse thoroughly. Cut the them into half.
Put in a pot on a slow heat. Add sugar (you need to adjust the sugar to your liking). 
Let the strawberries become tender and boiling.
Squeeze in some lemon juice.
(I made a mistake by putting water and my compote became too runny).
Let it simmer. Then turn off the heat. Do not let it burn.
Cool it. Put in a bottle and refrigerate it for future consumption.

I also have it with my morning oat meal.