Wednesday, February 4, 2015

(1) Focacia and (2) Harira : the Noxxa way


A friend of mine was telling about a book that she read, "A day in Prophet Muhammad SAW life". In the book mentioned about Aisya RA prepared Harira for their meals. The name of it sounds interesting that made me start getting more information. My Google just the right place to get this kind of information.

Harira is a Morroccan soup. It's filling, and from the recipe I found that it is healthy as well. Morroccan used to prepare this and eat it for the iftar (break the fast) in the month of Ramadhan.

These are the ingredients:
2 tomato - blended
1 onion - diced
A handful of  parsley and coriander - chopped
1 celery stalk - diced
Salt, pepper, ginger powder (I used the fresh ginger) - to your taste
2 tbsp tomato paste
3 cups plain water
1 tbsp butter
A handful of vermicelli - broken to about 1 inch
A bowl of chickpeas/ lentils - pre-boiled

1 tbsp multipurpose flour
1/2 cup plain water

The Noxxa way:
  1. Set the Noxxa Pressure Cooker (NPC) to Stir Fry (SF).
  2. Put the butter in the heated pot.
  3. Add onion. Fry till slightly tender.
  4. Add parsley, coriander and celery. Mix well.
  5. Add the blended tomato.
  6. Add in the salt, pepper, ginger. Mix well and later add water.
  7. Turn off the SF. Set the NPC to pressure for 25minutes.
  8. After 25 minutes. Remove the steam by turning the know to steam.
  9. Open the lid. Add in the chickpeas/ lentils/ vermicelli.
  10. Add the flour mixture. Stir well.
  11. If you need to make it thicker. Set the NPC to SF and cook till to correct consistency.
Ready for serving.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Overnight Oats


Whta's for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
I recently came across this interesting healthy eating.
Overnight Oats.

The name came by because you can prepare it during the night. Let it stay in the fridge for the night or two or three and grab it when you feel like eating it.
You can make a variety of flavour out of it too.

The basic ingredients are really basic:
2 cups of oats (not instant oats - it reduced the health benefits)
3 table spoon of yogurt
2 cups or 1 1/2 cups of fresh milk
(These are MY simple ingredients, you can find plenty on the net)

Mix everything together and scoop into a jar with lid. 
Store overnight.

For the varieties:
You can add honey or maple syrup for sweetness.
Or you can just rely the sweetness from the fruit added to it - berries, banana, mango etc.
You can add your fruits when preparing it. 
Or you may add it up later whenever you are ready to it.
The choice is yours.

I find it filling when I have it for lunch. 
Very easy to prepare, healthy to eat.

Bon appetite ...


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bento - Omelette & Sauted Mushroom


A very happy morning to all. At times I don't feel like going out for lunch. Especially when there's a heap of work waiting to be completed. It makes gather some effort and strength to prepare something for my lunch. And, I chose to have these for lunch....

Filling, healthy and most importantly its guaranteed hygiene. I initially made the omelette for my husband's breakfast while for myself, I prefer to have muesli. This is when I thought of bringing the extra omelette for lunch. I dug into the fridge and found some mushroom. Just nice to add to my vege intake to accompany the eggs and beans.

Sauted Mushroom

1 packet of shitake mushroom - washed and diced thinly
1 onion - sliced
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil for frying

How I made it:
1. Simple fry the onion in the olive oil till tender.
2. Add the mushroom, fry till tender too.
3. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Whalla! It's ready. I like it when serve with sandwiches or burgers. Having it alone also tste good to my taste buds.

2 eggs - beaten with 2 tablespoon buttermilk
half tomato - diced
half onion - diced
2 mushroom - diced
1/8 capsicum - diced
cooking oil

1. On a heated non-stick pan/ gridle, fry the onion.
2. Add the rest of diced ingredients.
3. Add the egg mixture. Lower the heat.
4. Let it cooked slowly.
5. Roll it.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back-to-school : Congo Bar + Aglio Olio


Back to school. Mothers are always busy. Preparing what can brought back with the kids to their hostel. In my case, I asked the kids in a very much advance. So that I could prepare the ingredients, and prepare myself for the labor work (ouch!!!) mentally and physically.

And this time, the kids opted to have Aglio Olio (perhaps because they only had a small portion the last time I made it) and Congor Bar. Atikah requested for the congo bar and Sabrina requested for the Aglio Olio. But I'm making it extra so that many more could share the feast.

The congo bar recipe is simple. Atikah can now make it with very tiny supervision. The recipe is here

For the Aglio Olio, it uses plenty of garlic (thats how I like it).  For this, I get Sabrina to sit almost like the whole morning peeling the garlic.

The recipe goes :

2 handful garlics - peeled, chopped
2 stalks parsley (I added some celery as well)
prawn and squid
Chilli flakes
salt to taste                       
3 tbsp olive oil

1. Fry the gralic till fragrant. Add the prawns and squids. Add parsley and celery.
2. Add the pasta.
3. Season with salt, and chilli flakes. (You may add some plain water or stocks to add moisture to your liking). Mix well.
4. And it's done.

Fast and tasty. Alhamdulillah

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pepahat @ Bamboo Clam


Kemasukan terbaharu di tahun baharu, 2015.

Mempunyai anak-anak yang semakin meningkat dewasa memang mencabar. Memastikan mereka di landasan yang diredhai Allah sepanjang masa. Menjadi sahabat dan pengurus. Tak lupa juga menjadi financial guarantor. Namun pada masa yang sama ada nikmat di sebaliknya. 

I can start doing the 'remote control' job. And last Sunday, that was it. It was a remote control cooking instruction, and as far as I am concern, the lunch is ready on the dining table when Ayah got back from surau. Alhamdulillah. they can now be trusted -- my two beautiful princesses --- Hazirah and Marsya (as their friends call them), but we called them Atikah and Kak Ngah --- cutie isn't it??

It was a weekend out for the five us to Pasar Tani in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. It is mostly to fulfill their request to find anything interesting there. Hakim got his two jerserys and a three quarter. Sabrina got her dress and a top. Atikah got her blouse and top. Ayah got his bamboo clam. Ibu got nasi lemak for not having breakfast yet .... pathetic heh?

Pepahat or Bamboo clam was a favourite to all excluding ibu. I can eat it but not so fond of it. Coming back from a tiring walk about at the Pasar Tani, my aging body requested a rest but it was already noon, which called for a remote control cooking instruction. I simply informed the two girls what to cook. Prescribed the ingredients and instructions... and ibu off to do other chores. And those were our lunch on the first Sunday of the year 2015. All prepared by the two girls --- its overdue, they should have been able to do it sooner.

The more 2 kilos pepahat was turn into Sweet Sour and Bercili.

Sweet Sour (by Atikah)
3 garlics - minced
1 onion - sliced 
3 table spoon tomato ketchup
3 table spoon chilli sauce
1 table spoon oyster sauce (but we ran out of this, therefore we did not put it in)
Pepahat - washed and rinsed
Salt and sugar to taste
2 table spoon cooking oil

  1. Simply fry the garlic till fragrant.
  2. Add the three sauces. Add some water. let it boil.
  3. Add the pepahat till cooked (not too long).
  4. Add the salt and sugar to taste.
  5. Add the onioc. And cooked for a while.
And, its ready.

Bercili (by Sabrina)
1 onion *
2 garlics *
2 fresh chillies *
(Blend these ingredients finely)
2 lemon grass - crushed slightly
1/2 tea spoon thick tamarind paste
Salt and sugar to taste.
2 table spoon cooking oil
  1. In a heated pan, fry the lemongrass for the aroma.
  2. Add the blended ingredients till cooked. Add water.
  3. Add the pepahat. Let it cook,
  4. Add salt, sugar and tamarind sauce. Let it cook and adjust the thickness to your like.
And, it's ready.

Alhamdulillah, it's a yummy lunch especially when we had it together. Alhamdulillah.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Resipi Noxxa: Asam Pedas Ayam


Here I am again....Alhamdulillah the highest gratitude to the Most Merciful Allah.

Hari ni nak berkongsi hasil tanganku, yang pertama kali dimasak. First time in my kitchen. The idea to cook this came when a friend of mine, sis Zarina Zainol distributed her homegrown 'bunga kantan'. Bunga kantan is quite expensive nowadays pricing ata RM3 per bud at average. When someone gave it for free, it's a great oppprtunity to turn it into something edible.

A modified but copy and paste from Cik Mat Gebu's
What is required
5 ketul ayam
2 sudu besar cili kisar (I precooked my chilli paste)
1 batang serai, diketuk
1 genggam daun kesom
1 kuntum bunga kantan, belah 2
1 camca teh asam jawa
2 biji terung ungu, kerat 2, belah 2 setiap keratan, rendam
1 biji tomato dibelah 4
Garam dan gula secukup rasa
Air secukupnya

1 ulas bawang merah
2 ulas bawang putih
1/2 inci kunyit hidup
1/2 inci halia
1/2 camca teh lada hitam biji
1/2 inci lengkuas

CARA MEMBUATNYA :-) (This is purely a cut and paste from CMG)
  1. Panaskan minyak dalam periuk, tumis serai titik dan bahan kisar halus hingga harum, masukkan cili kisar dan masak hingga cili garing, guna api kecil dan kacau selalu. Tambah pes asam jawa dan kacau hingga rata.
  2. Masukkan ayam, gaul dan biar hingga ayam kecut. Tuang air secukupnya dan biar mendidih hingga ayam empuk. Masukkan daun kesom dan bunga kantan. Kacau dan perasakan dengan garam secukup rasa dan sedikit gula.
  3. Tambah terung (toskan) dan masak hingga terung lembut. Akhir sekali masukkan tomato ceri, masak sekejap dan rasa, jika ok boleh matikan api. 

My method (since I am using the Noxxa Pressure Cooker - almaklum la orang baru dapat mainan).

  1. Turn on the 'Stir Fry" function. Heat the cooking oil. Fry the lemon grass and blended ingredients till you can smell the nice aroma and fragrant.
  2. Add the chilli paste and stir fry for another few seconds till the oil came to the surface (pecah minyak).
  3. Turn off the SF function. Add chicken while the pot is still hot. Also add the daun kesum and bunga kantan.
  4. Add water to cover the chicken (or to as how much gravy that you want).
  5. Put the lid on. Make sure the knob is set to pressure. Set the 'High Pressure' for 10 minutes. And let it do it's work. Meanwhile you can start with other courses (vege. for example).
  6. After 10 minutes, you will hear the bip sound. Release the pressure by turning the knob to steam.
  7. Add tamarind juice, salt, sugar, tomato and brinjal. Set to SF till boil.
  8. Done.

Alhamdulillah.... in about 30 minutes (including the preparation time), the main dish is ready.

The comments from the testers, "Superb". My husband was really in love with it. He likes it very much. So does the kids. Alhamdulillah ........

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Roti Sarang Lebah

Assalamualaikum all ....

Chef amatur empunya ruang tapak ni selalu ketinggalan. Orang lain dah ramai yang buat, sampai basi, barulah resipi nak samapi ke dapurku. It's ok the saying says ..."better late than never" ... the Roti Sarang Lebah finally reaches my kitchen. Buat sekali tak cukup. Dah dua kali membuatnya. Yes.. it is so soft and fluffy. I made twice. Once for us to enjoy it at home. And the second time for Sabrina and Hakim to bring it back to their hostels.

The recipe is a copy and paste from izahdaut (with some modification in the text).
resepi: Lydia Honey

2 cawan tepung gandum * I used the bread flour
1/2 Sudu teh dry yeast
1/4 Sudu teh garam
½ sudu teh baking powder
1 sudu besar gula pasir
¼ cawan plain yogurt, suhu bilik *I mixed yogurt and buttermilk with equal amount each
¼ cawan minyak sun flower
1/2 cawan air suam +-

**Almond flakes, pumpkin seeds n butterscotch jika suka

  1. Larutkan yeast dan gula dalam air suam dan biarkan berbuih.
  2. Dalam mangkuk adunan, campurkan, garam, tepung gandum, baking powder dan kacau sebati.
  3. Masukkan campuran yeast dan yogurt ke dalam mangkuk adunan dan kacau sedikit dengan sudu supaya kurang tahap melekat kat tangan.
  4. Uli dengan tangan sedikit dan masukkan minyak sedikit demi sedikit dan teruslah menguli doh sehingga tak lekat sehingga elastic.. Lagi lama lagi bagus dan lagi gebus roti kita nanti.
  5. Bila rasa dah puas uli, biarkan doh naik 2x ganda di tempat sikit panas atau tertutup like dalam oven atau microwave yang TAK di ON ok..
  6. Bila doh dah naik, tumbuk2kan supaya keluar anginnya
  7. Sapukan tangan anda dengan minyak dan ambil doh sebesar buah langsat atau mata kucing dan susunkan rapat di dalam loyang yang telah di sapu dengan sedikit minyak.
  8. Buat sampai habis. Memang doh lembik tapi jangan risau, jika melekat sapukan tangan anda dengan minyak je.
  9. Taburkan dengan pumpkin seeds dan almond flakes jika suka dan biarkan doh rehat naik 2x ganda sekali lagi.
Sementra menunggu doh naik ON kan over anda.. Setting 180-200C api atas bawah..(ikut oven anda).
Pastikan oven panas sebelum memasukkan loyang. 10 minit pertama guna api bawah jer, 5 minit terakhir pakai api atas bawah
Bakar dalam 10-15 minit.
Keluarkan dari oven dan cepat-cepat tuangkan butterscotch di atasnya.
Sedia untuk dihidangkan.

** I used the Breadmaker. Therefore, I dumped all the ingredients into the BM and let it do the wonders. When the dough is ready, take it out, punch it to remove the trapped air. Then form the dough into small balls. I put it in a muffin tray instead of the baking tray. 3 tiny balls in each hole. Put the seeds and almond (I used almond strips). Let it rise. And bake.

1) doh memang lembik.. Jangan tambah tepung, cuma sapukan tangan anda dengan minyak semasa membentuk doh.
2) Tidak perlu bulat sempurna kerana dia akan menjadi bulat apabila naik.
3) Pastikan oven benar2 panas supaya ia lembut bak cotton.
4) JANGAN bakar terlalu lama kerana nanti keras
5) Kalau tak abis makan, simpan roti dalam air tight container atau balut pinggan anda dengan plastic kemas2.

1/2 cup brown sugar bukan gula merah ok
1/2 cup whipping cream(kalau tak de boleh gunakan susu cair)
A pinch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
25g butter

Cairkan butter dakam periuk kecil, Masukkan brown sugar, kacau selalu sehingga gulanya cair@larut sepenuhnya dan berbuih.
Tuangkan whipping cream perlahan2 sambil mengacaunya.
Masukkan vanilla dan bila semuanya sebati off kan api dan tuangkan dalam bekas tahan panas, sejukkan sedikit dan sedia untuk digunakan sebagai topping.

*Proses memasak amat pantas. pastikan semua bahan telah tersedia dan mudah dicapai ketika memasak.