Monday, October 20, 2014

Savoury French Toast

Assalamualaykum and good day all,

One nice thing about cooking your own meal is that you can prepare it to suit your taste buds. You can make it savoury, spicy, sweet or sour, just the way you like it.
The original french toast is eaten with golden syrup or honey. Being a Malay origin, I'd prefer mine to be slightly savoury, which is not suitable to be eaten with honey or alike. By definition, savoury or savory is having a spicy or salty quality without being sweet (definition by Online Merrriam Webster Dictionary). And that is how I like my french toast to taste. 

To make it:
6 slices of sandwich bread
*2 egss beaten
*1 onion - sliced
*Salt and pepper

How to:
1. Heat the non-stick griddle 
2. Mixed all the ingredient in a bowl
3. Apply butter slightly on both side of the bread
4. Dip the bread into the egg mixture
5. Toast on the griddle till brown on both sides

It makes a perfect breakfast.

Alhamdulillah .....

Friday, October 17, 2014

Masak Lemak Cili Api Telur Masin


Kata orang, "Rezeki jangan Ditolak". Itulah ibarat apa yang terjadi. I have longed hoping to eat this masak lemak cili api but the belimbing buluh seems nowehere to be found. Not always at the market, and the tree outside my house is considered barren. 
Coming for kuliah subuh at the surau on Sunday morning, is where the 'rezeki' lies. Alhamdulillah. But... I do not have the suitable fish for the dish. As an alternative, the sailted egg will do.

Apa yang kita perlukan: 
1 telur masin (for single serving) 
1 batang serai (dititik)
1 inci kunyit
10 biji cili api
Segenggam belimbing buluh
Garam secukup rasa

1. Kisar cili dan kunyit.
2. Masukkan bahan blend ke dalam periuk bersama serai yang dititik.
3. Masukkan 2 -3 biji belimbing buluh untuk mengeluarkan rasa masanya.
4. Masa sehingga cili dan kunyit masak. masukkan sedikit air.
5. Masukkan telur masin yang dipecahkan. Biarkan dia mengeras.
6. Masukkan santan secukupnya, bersama lebihan belimbing puluh.
7. Perisakan dengan garam.
8. Kacau sehingga mendidih, kacau selalu supaya tidak pecah minyak.

Makan dengan nasi yang panas. Memang menyelerakan ....
Jemput makan .....


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pais ikan Air Tangan Mak

Alhamdulillah ...Seronoknya dapat makan air tangan mak....

Berjasalah dengan ibu selagi hayatnya masih ada.
Bahagiakanlah dia.
Dia telah bersusah payah menjadikan kita insan berjaya di hari ini.
Jangan di kala kita di puncak kejayaan, ibu dilupa, ibu dipinggir.
Dalam kesibukan tuntutan kerja, celahkan ruang untuk gembirankannya.
Penuhi tuntutannya sedaya mungkin.
Anak perempuan yang solehah membawa ibubapanya ke syurga tatkala taatnya pada suami.
Suami yang soleh pasti akan menyantuni ibubapa yang telah membesarkan isterinya dengan sempurna....
Begitulah .... harapan kita.

Ok, enough with the melodrama...Now for the recipe (made by mak, noted by myself)

Pais Ikan Air Tangan Mak

Resipi Pais Ikan

Ikan yang dibersihkan (biasanya ikan2 yang kecil supaya cepat masak)
*1 cawan kelapa putih
*2 biji cili merah
*1 bawang besar
*1 batang serai dihiris
Asam jawa
Daun pisang untuk membalut

How to:
- Kisar kesemua bahan hingga halus
- Gaulkan  bersama garam dan perahan asam jawa
- Bahan ini kemudiannya diperap bersama ikan untuk beberapa ketika supaya sebati.
- Bungkus di dalam daun pisang
- Bakar sehingga ikan masak tetapi jangan sampai hitam

Makan dengan nasi panas-panas.....memang umph....I could not stop myself for a second helping of rice even though I fully aware its dinner and I should control my carbo intake .... ;-p ..... jangan lupa jemput mak mertua makan juga ya.



Alhamdulillah.... sedapnya dapat makan air tangan mak. Especially when you come back from a day's work and find that it is readily served. 

Serabai .... bukan selalu dapat makan serabai ni. Cannot easily find in just any restaurant. In fact I do not know any restaurant that are selling serabai but I am sure there are.

Making serabai mak's style requires few tedious steps, however, the outcome is deliciously amazing.... at least to my taste buds. First we need to make the 'tapai', as mak call it, it must be done at least a day earlier. Next, to prepare the batter and let it sit. Then only to cook it.

The recipe:

This recipe requires 'tapaian nasi'
1 cawan nasi
1 sudu kecil ragi
Taburkan ragi di atas nasi. Percikkan air ke atas nasi. Masukkan dalam bekas kedap udara dan biarkan proses penapaian berlaku selama 1 malam (24 jam ).

Bahan serabai:
2 1/2 cawan tepung beras
1/2 cawan tepung gandum
2 cawan santan pekat
1/2 bancuhan tapaian nasi ***
1 sudu besar yis segera
Garam secubit

Campurkan kesemua bahan sehingga sebati dan tidak berketul-ketul. Bancuhannya cair.
Biarkan bancuhan sehingga kelihatan berbuih (Masa menunggu bergantung kepada cuaca, jika musim panas, penapaian akan berlaku lebih cepat).
Bakar dalam acuan. You can also use the smallest pan that is used to fry the sunny side egg.
Jika tidak mahu buat penapaian nasi, boleh juga dibancuh dengan hanya menggunakan yis segera. Gantikan dengan 1 sudu besar yis.

Kuah manis:
1 cawan gula putih
1/2 cawan gula merah
3 1/2 cawan santan cair
1/4 cawan tepung gandum
1/4 cawan tepung beras.
Masakkan kesemuanya di atas api perlahan. Kacau sentiasa supaya tidak berketul. Boleh sesuaikan kepekatan ikut kesukaan kita dengan menambahkan air biasa.

Umph... sedapnya.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ready to go breakfast: Omellete and Baked beans

Assalamulaikum all,

At times we are too busy to prepare a breakfast (it is ALWAYS for me) .... but do not feel like having a breakfast outside the house. A fast and simple solution is to bash some eggs into something edible, tasty and healthy. The omellete could just be the answer.

My ready to go breakfast

With 2 eggs, 1 diced tomato, 1 diced button mushroom, a slice of diced capsicum, 2 table spoon of fresh milk, salt and pepper will do just fine with my husband's appetite. You may add cheese if your are fond of it. But not in my case.

Heat the small pan while you mix everything together. Melt a table spoon of butter. Than pour the mixture into the heated melted butter. Let it spread evenly onto the small pan, as it started to hardened, use the spatula to roll the egg to the side on the pan gently. And serve.

I like to have my omellete with baked beans .... you can pair it with others ..... bon appetite .....


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quiche again


Simple quiche for a light dinner tonight.
We had enough of the heavyweight meal for the day and thinking of something lighter for dinner.
I quickly set the oven to 175°C. Took out 3 eggs. Some fresh milk. About 1 tablespoon of buttermilk. Some thinly sliced cabbage. And some diced capsicums.
I quickly get the eggs beaten. Add the milk and buttermilk. Continue mix the mixture. Add cabbage and capsicum (two colours). Finally, add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
I pour the batter into the non-stick muffin tray. Half the mold each. And bake in the heated oven for about 15 minutes.

Whalla.... dinner is ready.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Salted Egg Crab aka. Ketam telur masin

Alhamdulillah... i am back. Yup. True. Have not been posted any updates for quite sometime... no reasons. It is just because ....

However, i am currently feeling at the top when i managed to successfully prepare the much likeable (at least by us) The Salted Egg Crab. First tried the dish at Adam Lai in  Shah Alam and we immediately fell in love with the taste. But... as we aware, eating crab at a restaurant does not gives us the pleasure of sucking everything to the last bit which makes us think twice to order it again. Able to cook it at home satisfies me.... 

My Salted Egg Crab

Enough with the crap, now back to the recipe.

Thanks to net technology, the recipe is found through various cooking blogs.. thanks to all.

(I) 2 crabs - halved and cleaned
Corn starch
Salt and pepper
Frying oil
We begin preparing the crab. Coat the crab with the corn starch, salt and pepper. The fry to cook. Cooled.

2 salted egg
Boiled. Use 3 yolks and half whole egg. Mashed.

3 cloves of garlic - crushed
2 stalks of curry leaves - only the leaves
About 5 to 6 hot chillies
About 2 to 3 table spoon fresh milk
Pinch of sugar and salt (if need to)
Butter for cooking

Melt the butter. Don't let it brown.
Add the garlic, chillies and curry leaves. Fry till fragrant.
Add the mashed salted egg. Fry till mixed.
Add the milk. Let it cook. You know its ready when it starts to bubble.
Finally add your crab. Mix well. Ready to serve.

Try it. It's doable. Home cooked meal is always the best.