Saturday, October 8, 2016

Air fried red snapper


Its red snapper again. Well.... i bought an almost a kilo red snapper's tail and there's only two of us.

As usual... I will always find the easiest way and approah to cook.... the fastest too. And this is what i make using the air fryer. Healthier insha Allah.

1 slice of red snapper marinated with the salt and tumeric powder. Then sprinkle some olive oil.

I laid a piece of aluminium foil so that the fish will not stick to the wire rack of the air fryer. I raise the edges of the foil so that any excessive oil will not drain to the bottom of the fryer. This is for easy cleaning too.

Then i placed the fish. Set the temperature to 160 and time for about 15 minutes. I turned the air fryer on. And.... whalla! The fish is ready. It is so juicy and tender.

For the french beans... i cleaned it. Put into the skillet and sprinkle some olive oil. Turn the heat on and begin turning or flipping the beans (as they cooked very fast). When ready, just add pinch of salt and pepper to taste. And.... serve it.

You can either have it on its own..but for us Msian... i know that we would crave for rice to go with it.

Bon appetite ....