Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ayam Goreng Kunyit

This is one of Sabrina's favourite. Whenever we eat out, she will order this (ye lah kannn, nak order yang lain2 tu banyak sangat pantang larangnya - she's allergic to egg, nuts and coconut milk). Therefore, this became one of my favourite dish to cook too. Especially because it is simple and short cooking time.

The Ingredients

1/2 chicken - cut into small pieces and marinate with salt and tumeric powber
A handfull of green beans
1 carrot - sliced
1 onion - sliced into ring
1 chilli - for garnishing
Cooking oil for frying

How to
1. Pour about two tablespoon of the cooking oil onto the pan/ wok (whatever that you like to use for cooking).
2. Fry the chicken pieces until slightly cooked.
3. Add in the carrots, green beans and onion.
4. Finally add the chilli for granishing. You can also add some spring onion or corriander if you like. I dot not have it.

After about 5 minutes. ... here they are on your table. TARA!!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kerabu Timun

Salam all,

Now is 13.48pm. Sempat lagi nak update blog ni ... As usual, belated entry. I made this with mak at kampung last weekend. According to mak, this is one of Atikah's favourite (tok lagi tahu dari ibu, malu betul!!!).

The ingredients

1 cucumber - peel and sliced thinly.
1 onion - slice thinly
2 red chillies*
2 teaspoon of dried shrimp/ anchovies/ steamed boneless fish*
1 cup of thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon vinegar (you can use tamarind juice)
pinch of salt to taste

Ingredients labeled * are to be pounded or blended

How to

Add all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and ready to serve.

MMMmmph ..... tengahari macam ni, bercerita tentang kerabu macam ni, memang terasa macam nak balik rumah masak nasi.

Enjoy! Cheerios.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Roti Puri @ Puree

Ever since kakak is not around, ibu doesn't feel like cooking rice and it's dish for meals. The reason because the other two younger kids do not like rice so much. Kata orang, "buat perabih boreh je....", the correct version should be "rugi peluh je memasak, makannya sikit yang teramat sangat. Therefore, I have to be more creative in preparing meals for the family. One of their favorites is this Roti Puri @ Puree.

My first time tasting this puri was at the Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam at the roof top eating area (ada lagi ke sekarang ni tempat ni ye?). And it was 'love at the first taste'. Since that time I was searching for it's recipe and found various ways of doing it - which makes me do not have the confident to try it .... until I was given this recipe by K.Nor, my cousin. The ingredient is sooooo simple. Here it is:

The Ingredients

1 cup of the Atta flour
3 cups of multi purpose flour
Low fat milk (enough to form a dough)
A pinch of salt.
Cooking oil to fry the puri.

How to:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add the milk gradually till you get the correct amount. (until it is not sticky to your palm). Knead it to become a dough. Form a small balls out of the dough. If you like it small, make a small ball. A tennis ball is considered too big. Let it rest for a while before rolling it.

Next flatten and roll the ball. Till it looks like below. Then, deep fry in a boiling oil. Make sure to slightly press the flat puri while in the wok.

This is what you will get after frying it. A yum..yum ..bloated puri.

And you can enjoy it with a dhall curry.

Enjoy eating!!!

p/s. Nak buat lagi ...tak puas makan. Ahaks!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sayur Kincam aka. Lily Buds


As usual my entry is the backdated entry. I cooked this last year, at mak's house (hah! lama tu .......), to be exact 26thDecember 2010 (tak la lama sangat....). We normally cook the dried lily buds, but this time it's the fresh lily buds. Mak got it from a cousin who went to Cameron Highland for his daughter's wedding. I, myself will never leave Cameron Highland without buying the lily buds. I just love it. MMMuahh....

Cooking it is simple. Just like frying any other vege. My version would be:

The Ingredients
2 handfuls of fresh kincam (1 packet)
2 Fresh red chillies*
1 clove of onion*
3 cloves of garlic*
1 tablespoon of dried shrimp (you can change it to fresh shrimp or anchovies)
Salt to taste
Cooking oil

All ingredients labeled * are to pounded or blended.

How To:
1. Heat the cooking oil in a pan.
2. Fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant.
3. Add in the lily buds.
4. Add some salt.

Ready to serve. Whalla!! EZ isn't it. And it's delicious too.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Eggless Muffin

Kesian anakku Sabrina. Bukan selalu dia dapat makan muffin. Kalau makan2 kat luar memang dia diharamkan makan muffin, ye la, bukan selalu nak jumpa 'Eggless Muffin'. Mine is an eggless muffin. i have to modify the ingredients a bit to accomodate her. And we, have to accomodate ourselves with the taste.

The making is simple and swift.

Tear off a packet of muffin mix (bought from any bakery shop). Any flavours that you like, Sabrina likes Kiwi. Pour everything in a large bowl. Follow the label shown on the packet. But, when it comes to adding egg, I will replace it with milk. Mix everything together using a whisk. Get the paper cup ready, and place a tablespoonful of the ingredient into it. Ready to be bake at 180 degree celcius, for about 10-15 minutes (depending on the oven make).

So far, replacing eggs with milk works with me. It's fresh milk. But you cannot expect the taste to be the same.

Happy trying!!! Cheerios!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kerabu Campuran

Salam semua,

Dah pun dua hari di tahun baru Masihi. Yang penting bagi kita adalah setiap hari mesti lebih baik dari hari yang sebelumnya.

Ni nak kongsi resepi dulu-dulu. Resipi baru dah ada fotonya tapi belum sempat nak transfer, kira acilah jugak kalau kongsi resepi lama kan. Yang penting ikhlas.....

Hari ni kita mencuba pula resipi kesihatan yang ringkas dan amat mudah dilakukan. Cuma 'tedious' kat part yang menghiris bahan2nya. Sebab, untuk buat kerabu, lebih cantik jika bahan2nya dipotong halus (at least I think so). Sekarang ni oklah, sebab anak dara sulung masih di rumah, boleh la buat kerahan tenaga .... esok2 bila dia dah ke asrama ... siapa yang susah? ibu jugak ...... tapi inilah pengorbanan ibu. Menghantar anak ke asrama bukan kerana membuangnya tapi berkorban untuk kejayaannya di masa akan datang.

Okaylah, done with all the craps, now back to the recipe. This is Kerabu Kacang Kelisa dan Taugeh. Tak kenal kacang kelisa??? Well, it is called kacang botor di sekitar Pantai Barat Semenanjung while kacang kelisa is the name called in the Northern part of the Peninsular Malaysia. New vocab eh? That's the way for 1 Malaysia. That is also the reason why my blog is written in dual language .... heh heh ... reasons.

The Ingredients
(guna Bahasa Melayu lah ye, sebab tak sure the name of some of the ingredients)
Lebih kurang 10 batang kacang kelisa (yang muda, yang tua tak aci sebab dah keras - dihiris nipis)
30 sen taugeh (bean sprout)
1 labu bawang besar (dihiris halus) (onion - sliced finely)
2 biji cili merah (ditumbuk) (red chillies - pounded finely)
lebih kurang 1o ekor udang kecil (direbus) (shripms - boiled)
3 sudu besar kerisik (grated coconut dry fried, and blended till it becomes a paste)
1 sudu besar asam jawa (tamarind juice)
garam secukup rasa. (salt)

How to:

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Taste it. Ready to serve.

Soooo easy .... but be cautious it might cause you to doubled your rice consumed for that day because it's sooooo delicious and healthy too.

Enjoy! Cheerios!!!