Monday, January 24, 2011

Roti Puri @ Puree

Ever since kakak is not around, ibu doesn't feel like cooking rice and it's dish for meals. The reason because the other two younger kids do not like rice so much. Kata orang, "buat perabih boreh je....", the correct version should be "rugi peluh je memasak, makannya sikit yang teramat sangat. Therefore, I have to be more creative in preparing meals for the family. One of their favorites is this Roti Puri @ Puree.

My first time tasting this puri was at the Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam at the roof top eating area (ada lagi ke sekarang ni tempat ni ye?). And it was 'love at the first taste'. Since that time I was searching for it's recipe and found various ways of doing it - which makes me do not have the confident to try it .... until I was given this recipe by K.Nor, my cousin. The ingredient is sooooo simple. Here it is:

The Ingredients

1 cup of the Atta flour
3 cups of multi purpose flour
Low fat milk (enough to form a dough)
A pinch of salt.
Cooking oil to fry the puri.

How to:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add the milk gradually till you get the correct amount. (until it is not sticky to your palm). Knead it to become a dough. Form a small balls out of the dough. If you like it small, make a small ball. A tennis ball is considered too big. Let it rest for a while before rolling it.

Next flatten and roll the ball. Till it looks like below. Then, deep fry in a boiling oil. Make sure to slightly press the flat puri while in the wok.

This is what you will get after frying it. A yum..yum ..bloated puri.

And you can enjoy it with a dhall curry.

Enjoy eating!!!

p/s. Nak buat lagi ...tak puas makan. Ahaks!!

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