Monday, December 27, 2010

Pulut lemak & kari udang

Tengok gambar to betul-betul. Look closely, closely, closely.... What can you see? Yes, it's the glutinous rice served with prawn curry - itu bahasa orang putehnya, Bahasa Melayu kita 'Pulut Lemak dengan Kari Udang'.

Have any of you tasted it before? This is my first time. My husband went for breakfast shopping one morning when we were at my hometown, Kg Pertama, Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang. He bought few packs of 'nasi lemak' (as he thought so). To be exact, he bought 10 packs!!! Amboi! Sarapan pagi sampai 10 bungkus????? Well, the packs were so small, kata orang tua, dua kali suap dah abis. 60sen je sebungkus. All of the 'nasi lemak (as he thought) were packed differently. Some in pastic and newspaper. Some were packed in the banana leaf like the one you see above, and there are also some that were packed in banana leaf and newspaper. We understand that different packaging means a different content - the varieties of nasi lemak. We were wrong when we found out that the one packed in only banana leafs is a 'pulut lemak' not a 'nasi lemak'. Hmmm.... this is my first encounter with such a dish. Adoi!!! Dah tua-tua ni pun tak kenal makanan kampung sendiri. Malu betul!!

According to mak, they used to eat the pulut lemak like that (with curry) long time ago. And alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to taste it last week. Bukan tak pernah balik kampung ye! Tapi tak pernah 'ter'beli yang macam tu. Anyway, it's delicious. Hope to eat it again some other time. Hmmm... yummy, yummy, ... Pulut Lemak dengan Kari Udang dan Kacang Panjang.

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