Monday, December 20, 2010

Ayamas Chicken Burger Wrap

Salam all,

It was a tiring day yesterday. We went to KPT Putrajaya at about 10am. The presentation which suppose to be at 11.30am only begin at 1pm. Fuhh!!! What a waiting ...... Finish the session at 2pm. Solat, and had lunch at almost 3pm. By the time we reached the faculty it was already almost 4pm.

Reached home at about 6pm, I immediately send the kids to Ustaz Firdaus's house for their Quran session. By that time, I was already in a SUPER TIRED zone.

Came back from the quran class, Sabrina's tummy was making noise. Cries to be filled. Ibu ... was too tired to move to the kitchen. What worse is that ibu has not figure out what to prepare for dinner........ Huh....

I walked slowly to the refrigerator, digging into it to find something that can satisfy their hunger pang. Aha! I found 'Roti Arab'. Yes! This can be made into a sandwich wrap. I dig further and found the Ayamas Chicken Burger. That's it! We will have Chicken Burger Wrap tonite!!!

The Ingredients:
5 pieces of Roti Arab (which I bought at De Arab Cafe in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam)
4 pieces of Ayamas Chicken Burger (as shown in the photo) - sliced
1 tomato sliced
1 table spoon Olive oil

How to:

The Fillings:
1. Heat the olive oil on a pan. Add the Ayamas Chicken Burger. Fry till cooked.
2. Add onion. Once soften, turn off the stove and put aside.

1. Take out 1 piece of the Roti Arab.
2. Put the salad, sliced tomato and arrange the cooked chicken filling onto it.
3. Garnish with dressings - tomato/ thousand island/ mustard/ mayo (up to your own taste)
4. Roll the Roti Arab tightly.
5. Put into the oven for only 30sec to heat it a bit.
6. Ready to eat.

It's the answer to an empty stomach. Delicious. Healthy.

The Ayamas chicken burger.

The fried burger ready to be wrapped.

Ready to be wrapped.

Ready to be consume.