Monday, August 15, 2011

Len Chee Kang

Thirst quenching!!!

That's all I could say on the hot and humid weather. But it's not today or even yesterday. This was few dayssss before. As usual, this is a belated entry. This few days the weather is friendlier to us who are fasting. Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah.
Len Chee Kang, as it is called is originated from the Chinese (I guess). How it is spelled, I am not so sure, but this is how it is pronounced. Some call it 'Laici Kang'. I, myself not sure of the correct version.

Why do I say that this drink is originated from the Chinese? It's because I got all the ingredients from a Chinese Herbal Store, actually, I got brother in-law to purchase it for me from a Chinese Herbal Store. According to my brother in-law, he just walked-into the store and asked for ingredients to make the drinks and the shopkeeper eagerly prepare the ingredients. All are the dried ingredients.

To turn it into a drink, simply boil it until tender for about an hour or so. Some of the ingredient required soaking in a hot water prior to boiling, and some are to be put in just before turning off the stove (for this, you've got to ask the seller when purchasing the ingredients). You can have it either warm or cold. It has health benefits too.

Among the ingredients are dried white mushroom, lotus seed, luo han guo, red dates, dried longan and many other that I do not know the name, and of course its halal because it is plant based.

Sorry for the poor picture quality (snapped using my beloved handphone). Cheerios ......

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