Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black Glutinous Rice Porridge @ Bubur Pulut Hitam

Salam All,

Hakim is really full of ideas this Ramadhan. He came up with various eating desires. It helps me in a way - helps me in deciding what to cook for iftar as I always have problem with that. One evening, we were watching a cooking show on TV and it shows how to make a porridge. I told him that it would taste good to have porridge for iftar. and his response, "Kenapa tak buat bubur yang warna purple? (why not make the purple porridge)". I immediately know what he meant. It is the Black Glutinous Rice Porridge. I don't normally stock the black rice at home as it easily spoilt. Therefore we decided to head to a supermarket for a packet of a Black Glutinous Rice or black rice, and of course with some other things to buy on the list.

A quick browse on the internet found me with an interesting new knowledge about this black rice. The black rice is being compared to berries for its antioxidant, as mentioned by this article: black rice which in addition to its high level of antioxidants contains less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E than blueberries. There is even a website dedicated to this black rice: click here.

A Quote from that website, In addition to its almost legendary antioxidant properties, Black Rice is also a well known anti-inflammatory food; which helps cut down on general infections and illnesses. In recent studies antioxidants have been found to seriously slow down the aging process, so Black Rice is really worth eating if just for those benefits alone; but it also offers an entire host of other great benefits in addition to that as well.

O Wow! All this while I've been eating the black glutinous porridge just for its taste, but now I now that it has some medicational value too.

The making of the porridge is quite simple. What you need are:

A cup of the black glutinous rice (soaked overnight for a fast cooking)
3 tbs sugar
Coconut milk (i used the fresh milk because my dear Sabrina is allergic to coconut milk)
A pinch of salt

To make a porridge:
1. Boil the black rice in water that is doubled the rice quantity until the rice doubled and soft. Add water frequently. While boiling, stir once in a while as it easily sticks to the bottom of your cooking pot.
2. Once doubled and soft, add sugar, salt and the coconut milk(or fresh milk). And it's done.

Since I substitute the coconut milk with the fresh milk, I topped my porridge with some coconut milk for decoration.

Adios, Cheerios, Enjoy ....