Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicken Ball 'n Mushroom Soup

Salam all,

Another healthy entry from me today. Not to say that other entries are not healthy, they are healthy but probably less healthy. As I normally write, 'Cooking is Simple'. Put everything into the cooking pot and whalla!, it's ready to be eaten. Preparing and cleaning requires a bit of your extra effort --- bab ni yang tak tahan, except if you have a helper. However, sometimes we can make the preparation time shorter by using the ready made ingredients, for instance this Chicken Ball that I purchased, the Ayamas brand.

The mushroom, is also readily used. washed it thoroughly, remove the stem and they are ready to be cooked. No mess produced. Next, you need only to prepare some garlic and onion. For a cook, this is just a bliss. Follows will be the cooking steps. With couple of sentences -- dump everything into the pot, add some water, later add salt & paper to taste -- a here you are:

You may also add any green leafy vegetables and some carrots. It will not only add colors to your cooked food but it also contains more health benefit. As I mentioned elsewhere in my earlier postings, "Different colors of vegetables have different health benefits that the body requires".

You may noticed that I boiled my vege soup in order to reduce the fat intake.
*Note: the words in bold are the ingredients.

Adios! Cheerios .... Enjoy.