Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beef Curry Puff

Salam All,

Karipap can also be called curry puff (I guess?). My kids really like karipap. Every week they will eat karipap (masa tak posa la.). Ever since Ramadhan, they have not had karipap yet. Because Ibu is too lazy to pay a visit to Pasar Ramadhan, a place where they sell various dishes for iftar. You may lost your mind if you are there (it's me). Everything seems so tempting especially when you are fasting.

Therefore, one lovely day, Ibu decided to make karipap for them for iftar. Some for eating on the same day, and some will be turned into frozen karipap for later consumption.

Here's one for the album: My two versions of karipap.
Back: the traditional version
Front: the rolled version (aka versi nak cepat)

The fillings:

About a bowl of minced meat
2 tbs curry powder (mixed with some water to form a paste)
2 potatoes - peeled, diced
2 red onion - diced
curry leaves (for the aroma)
salt for seasoning
2 tbs cooking oil

How to:
My method is soooo simple, it is called the 'campak-campak' @ a throw-in method (;-p)
I simply throw-in the ingredients into the griddle while busily preparing other ingredients (multi tasking)

  1. In a griddle, pour the cooking oil. Once heated, put in the curry powder paste and the curry leaves. Stir continuously until you see the oil is appearing, then you may add the minced beef and some water and let it simmer.
  2. While the beef is cooking, I quickly peel and dice my potato. Once complete, it's just about time to the potato into the griddle. You may add some more water in order not to burn your cooking.
  3. Then, I quickly peel and dice the onion. Once complete, it's about time to add the onions into the cooking.
  4. Make sure everything cooks well. Add salt to taste.
  5. Turn off the stove. Let it cool before using.
The pastry

2 cups of multi purpose flour
about 3 tbs butter
about 3/4 cup of cold water (the amount really depends on the liquid in the flour, therefore it may varies, softer dough is difficult to handle but produce a soft result)
pinch of salt

How to:
I saw Chef Micheal Smith using the food processor to make a dough, even though I know it can do it, but I've never tried it before. This time I'm using it.

In a food processor, I put the butter (cubed), flour and pinch of salt. Set the knob to 1. In a zest, you'll have a crust. Without a food processor, simply use your finger to make the crust.

Next, I just pour enough cold water (from the fridge) into the processor while it is working. And again, in a split second, you get a dough. With out the machine, you can easily knead the dough using your hand. It is easy not as difficult as kneading a bread (but some people find kneading bread is simple too).

Form the dough into small balls. Then, roll the balls to get a circular shape piece of pastry. Put the fillings into it, fold it into half and seal the open edges. You may do some shapes with it or you may just use your fork to make the sealed tight together. It's ready for frying.

In cases of emergency (just like what happened to me - it's almost iftar time and my karipap is not ready), another method can be used. That is the rolled approach. For this, make bigger ball, flatten the dough (using the rolling pin, of course) into a rectangular shaped pastry. Spread the fillings onto the surface evenly. Then roll the dough and you'll get a log-liked shape. Instead of frying, baked in the oven at 175C for about 20 mins. This approach is healthier as it did not absorb oil (no frying, remember?). But .... the traditional always taste better.

Adios .... wassalam

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