Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cekodok Pisalabu


Hari ni nak kongsi something my mom created and I follow ...... Cekodok Pisalabu is actually a combination of "PISAng + LABU".... mashed together and becomes cekodok. It is a sweet tooth kuih dan you can enjoy in the morning or evening as you like.

When Mak first made it, we were playing the guessing game ... is it a cekodok pisang or cekodok labu .....? It has equal taste.

To make it:
2 ripe bananas
A quater of one big pumpkin - boil to tender
2 tbsp sugar
Approx 1 cup multipurpose flour (depends on the water content of your banana and pumpkin)
A pinch of salt

Making it:
1. Mash the banana and pumpkin together.
2. Add sugar and flour. Combine.
3. Deep fry one table spoonful of the mix for each scoop till brownish. Turning around consistently.
4. Remove from oil onto the kitchen towel to remove the excessive oil.
5. It's ready to be eaten.

You can serve this for dinner or breakfast.

Note: Try only a few scoops for the first batch to check on its flour needs. If the cekodok is so squishy, add more flour.
Some people may like to add the bicarbonate of soda, but I prefer it traditional way.


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