Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Buttered Chicken

Assalamualaykum all,

Hari ni nak share resipi suatu hari yang sangat malas...

It was Saturday, I was not feeling very well. Mr Hubby is out for kenduri, meaning that he will not be home for lunch. It was just me and Atikah. I wondered what to have for lunch. The chicken was already thawed, but I still hasn't have any idea .... Arhg....

Aha! I will the easiest of it. I am going to give a good butter massage to the chicken, rub in salt, pepper, McCormick Mixed Herbs and some oregano. Left it for about 5 minutes while reheating the the airfryer. I lay the aluminium foil on the fryer basket. Placed the chicken and get it cooked for about 25 minutes in 180 degree temperature.

Once cooked, I squeezed the fresh lemon. Alhamdulillah... it turns out to be very delicious. When Atikah asked whats the name of the dish ....??? .... what should I call it? I called it 'Buttered Chicken'.

The idea to rub the chicken with butter because frying with airfryer will actually absorb some of the moisture from the chicken (based on my own experience). It is simply because I do not have the chicken skin on (it is a NO-NO in the house for health reason). Therefore, I creatively rubb some butter to the chicken for moisture and also taste.

No harm trying.... just do it... Alhamdulillah, it's tasty. The preparation time from rubbing to cooking is approximately 30 minutes. But ... I think if you marinate it longer, it will taste better.

Bon appetite ....
psstt.... the ingredients are in bold.


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