Monday, May 11, 2015

Baked pasta in white sauce


"Meal for three, please."

How I wish it is always as easy as this. Simply place an order, and the food that you wish for is served in front of you. --- Only in Jannah (heaven), insha Allah, my destination and you too.

I had a tough time deciding what to cook for dinner last night. I raked through the fridge and storage for something that I can cook. I saw some curly pasta in the storage. Then, I remembered purchasing some shitake mushroom from the market the other day. And the chicken is thawed at room temperature.

I started to slice the mushroom, still unsure of what to do with it. I was thinking of just to saute it and keep it refrigerated. Slice some onion, and get the griddle ready with some olive oil for saute.

Then my daughter asked, "what next?". Next, I am going to boil the pasta. "What are you making?", my daughter asked again. "Not sure yet", was my simple answer.

I asked her, "Can you make some white sauce?". "Yes", she said. "But, with some cheese", she added. "Whatever', was my answer, lazily.

For the white sauce:

She melted 2 tablespoon butter in a pot. Then add 3 tablespoon of multipurpose flour. And mix well. Next, she added some fresh milk (about two cups). Whisking heavily to break all the lumps. She added some cheddar cheese. And added some salt and pepper to taste. She keeps on stirring to the correct consistency that she wants. Adding plain water when need to.

I prepared some filling:
Chicken breast diced. Onion diced. Saute both in olive oil, with salt, pepper, oregano, dried parsley, and mixed herbs. Cooked till done.

Then we decided to bake the pasta in the oven. We layered everything in a sequence - pasta, mushroom, chicken, white sauce - repeatedly, being the pasta and white sauce the top. Sprinkle with some cheese (pitiful, we ran out of cheese) before baking. 

I asked my daughter to cover the pasta with aluminium foil, and baked for 10 minutes in 170 celcius oven. Later remove the foil and baked for another 10 minutes. My daughter did not wait till it gets golden as she did not want the pasta to be harden as some parts are not fully covered with the white sauce (we ran out of the white sauce too)

Well, Alhamdulillah.. it's delicious. It's heaven for cheese lover. But not the kampung folks appetite like my hubby and me. We enjoyed eating it, but we cannot have too many of it.

Adios .... wassalam


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