Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black Pomfret in Tauchu

Salam all,

Nothing much left in the fridge. Tomorrow will be 'shopping day' or 'fish market day'. What's left is this black pomfret (bawal hitam lah tu!!!). Black pomfret will make a delicious curry, but I don't feel like eating curry at the moment. I guess, I am the only Penangian who does not crazily likes curry.

If curry is not to my desire, what's cooking??? Well, a simple Bawal Taucu is delicious too. Taucu? Anybody here does not know what taucu is? Taucu is made from black soy bean, fermented and salty. How's cooking?

Simple, all you need are:
2 table spoon of taucu (easily bought from any groceries shop, either bottled or packed for single use)
1 large onion, sliced into rings
tamarind juice (I used adam jawa xtra - nak cepat)
fresh chillies (I used the cili paid - small but spicy chill for a hotter taste as my husband likes it)
2 table spoon cooking oil
About a cup of plain water
No salt please as the taucu is already very salty.
Do not forget the pomfret, fried.

What you need to do is just:
1. Heat your wok or pot with the oil. Saute the onions and chillies till aromatized.
2. Add the taucu.
3. Add the water (the amount is deepening on how much gravy that you want).
4. Add the tamarind juice
5. Add the fish.
6. Let the gravy boil and it's ready.

It's delicious with the hot rice on this hot weather.

Happy cooking. Wassalam.


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