Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spiral Potato

Looks delicious???
Yes, it's very crispy if eaten immediately after frying.

How to make it??
Very simple.

A potato was carefully cut into spiral. Make sure you did not break it. Soak it in a salty water. Before frying, dip the potato into a batter of flour mix with water and some chilli flakes. Deep fry it till golden brown.
Take it out and leave on the kitchen towel to dry.
Ready for consumption.

How to make sure that the potato does not cut off totally???
I don't have an answer for that because .... I did not make this. I bought it from a stall in Port Dickson. It looks so tempting, I just could not resist it. According to the girl who is selling it, they use a special machine to cut the potato into spiral.

If I did not make it, how do I know so much about the process of making it?
I asked the seller. After asking so many questions, I can see the sellers gossiping about me (there are three of them) ... Perasan kot ??? No, I am sure they were talking about me because they were pointing at me (pointing with their eyes and mouth) and when I went closer to them, they quickly became very quiet.

Agaknya diaorang tu kata, "Banyak tanya betullah makcik ni ...". Hihihi. Biarlah kan, yang pentingnya I get the knowledge.



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