Monday, January 5, 2015

Pepahat @ Bamboo Clam


Kemasukan terbaharu di tahun baharu, 2015.

Mempunyai anak-anak yang semakin meningkat dewasa memang mencabar. Memastikan mereka di landasan yang diredhai Allah sepanjang masa. Menjadi sahabat dan pengurus. Tak lupa juga menjadi financial guarantor. Namun pada masa yang sama ada nikmat di sebaliknya. 

I can start doing the 'remote control' job. And last Sunday, that was it. It was a remote control cooking instruction, and as far as I am concern, the lunch is ready on the dining table when Ayah got back from surau. Alhamdulillah. they can now be trusted -- my two beautiful princesses --- Hazirah and Marsya (as their friends call them), but we called them Atikah and Kak Ngah --- cutie isn't it??

It was a weekend out for the five us to Pasar Tani in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam. It is mostly to fulfill their request to find anything interesting there. Hakim got his two jerserys and a three quarter. Sabrina got her dress and a top. Atikah got her blouse and top. Ayah got his bamboo clam. Ibu got nasi lemak for not having breakfast yet .... pathetic heh?

Pepahat or Bamboo clam was a favourite to all excluding ibu. I can eat it but not so fond of it. Coming back from a tiring walk about at the Pasar Tani, my aging body requested a rest but it was already noon, which called for a remote control cooking instruction. I simply informed the two girls what to cook. Prescribed the ingredients and instructions... and ibu off to do other chores. And those were our lunch on the first Sunday of the year 2015. All prepared by the two girls --- its overdue, they should have been able to do it sooner.

The more 2 kilos pepahat was turn into Sweet Sour and Bercili.

Sweet Sour (by Atikah)
3 garlics - minced
1 onion - sliced 
3 table spoon tomato ketchup
3 table spoon chilli sauce
1 table spoon oyster sauce (but we ran out of this, therefore we did not put it in)
Pepahat - washed and rinsed
Salt and sugar to taste
2 table spoon cooking oil

  1. Simply fry the garlic till fragrant.
  2. Add the three sauces. Add some water. let it boil.
  3. Add the pepahat till cooked (not too long).
  4. Add the salt and sugar to taste.
  5. Add the onioc. And cooked for a while.
And, its ready.

Bercili (by Sabrina)
1 onion *
2 garlics *
2 fresh chillies *
(Blend these ingredients finely)
2 lemon grass - crushed slightly
1/2 tea spoon thick tamarind paste
Salt and sugar to taste.
2 table spoon cooking oil
  1. In a heated pan, fry the lemongrass for the aroma.
  2. Add the blended ingredients till cooked. Add water.
  3. Add the pepahat. Let it cook,
  4. Add salt, sugar and tamarind sauce. Let it cook and adjust the thickness to your like.
And, it's ready.

Alhamdulillah, it's a yummy lunch especially when we had it together. Alhamdulillah.



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