Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Special Wholemeal Coconut Pancake with Chive

Assalamualaikum ...

Suddenly I'm craving for coconut pancake on this rainy and cold evening. But I have limited opened stock of multipurpose flour and plenty of wholemeal flour. And the rain showered my herbs garden give life to my chives in the pot. Sound like a good combination to me ....Therefore, let's make an innovation.

My wholemeal coconut pancake

But what is there in Chive?
Found this from a google search:
A content in chive which is also found in garlic and onions. Allicin might lower cholestrol and blood pressure and improves heart particularly. Allicin aids in cholestrol management by reducing the LDL levels and increasing the HDL levels. It might cut down the blood pressure and prevent blood clot.

Chives might also helip in the fight against cancer because they contain antioxidants that help destroy free radicals and discourage the growth of cancerous cells and tumours.

Wealth of Nutrients
A tbsp of chives alone supplies
- 9 mg of potassium
- 3 mg of calcium
- 78 mcg of beta carotene
- 3 mcg of folic acid
- 6 mcg of vitamin K
- and traces of several B vitamins, iron and magnesium

Enough about chive back to our recipe.

My ingredients:
1 cup grated coconut (preferably young coconut which gives tastier and sweeter taste)
1/2 cup wholemeal flour
About 1 stalk of fresh chive (minced) - happy to announce, fresh from my tiny herbs garden. :-)
1 table spoon butter
1 cup plain water
pinch of salt to taste

How to:
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Using a spatula will do.
Heat the griddle.
Once heated, spoon the batter onto the griddle and spread the batter thinly onto the surface.
Let it brown and flip over.
Let it brown and ready to be served.

You may enjoy it with spicy gravy, or honey. But i enjoyed it as it is.

Bon Appetite!!


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