Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pizza o Pizza

Salam alaykum.

Pizza anyone?
This is the instant version with the ready made ingredients. This was an overdue post.

A group of Sabrina's friend came over for a short break from school on one Friday afternoon. Each brought their own lunch pack from school so I need not prepare them anything. But, be it children or adult, they are still the guest of our house. And guest must be treated accordingly as prescribed by Islamic teaching. To provide them with hospitality and serve them with good food that we have.

Feeling guilty not serving them anything, I dig into the fridge to find anything that could be served. Preferably is to the children's liking and found enough ingredient for and instant pizza-like dish.

What I found from the fridge:
The plain Kawanku flexi
Ready made cooked  minced beef
Pizza sauce
Vegeies - tomato, broccoli
Cheese - mozarella and cheddar

Therefor, I decided to:
Spread the sauce onto the Kawanku. Topped with the minced beef, vegies and cheese. In you go into the oven.

Alhamdulillah in less than 20 minutes the pizza like dish is served and it was finger licking good for them.

Note: the minced beef were earlier cooked with some kurma powder and salt to taste. I made it earlier for this type of  ad hoc circumstances.