Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home 'mixed' chocolate

Assalamualaikum all,

Are you the chocolate lovers?
My kids are...
It was Shamimi's birthday (Sabrina's friend) and she wanted to give her something that she can make by herself, so, she opted to 'mixing' the chocolate (as I would like to call it). 
It's mixing alright as what she did was just melt the chocolate bar using the double boiler technique and later combined it with the different chocolate flavours.

First she melted the mint flavour. As I told her not to put too much mint (because Ibu doesn't like it), she merely brushed the mint at the bottom of the mold. Next she melted the dark chocolate and finally the white chocolate. Kakak helped her to pour the chocolate into mold. One thing that I am proud of her is that she cleaned up everything after completing her task.

And she is determined to try another combinations and fillings and nuts next time.


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