Monday, October 8, 2012

Fresh Chive Fried with Shrimp


Thinking of what to cook is not always interesting. At times we really ran out of idea. Browsing will sometimes help. Looking into the fridge for your stocks is another approach. Looking around your house could be another option.

The appetizing fresh chive fried with shrimps

I recently went around the house, into my Herbs Garden and found some chives ready to be harvested.

A quick search with the help of Mr Google found me with this interesting facts about chive:
As a family of garlic and onion, chives is high in allicin. It also contain anti-cancer properties, and help in digestion. It is also a source of supplies for many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin K.  

Amazing isn't it. Small but very beneficial to health. Yes, Allah has created everything for a purpose. Its up to us to cleverly appreciate it.

As for me, I found myself some fresh shrimp and tofu in my stock, I prepared this delicious dish for lunch.

Red peppers
A handful stalk of chives cut into about 1 inch apart
1 square tofu (fried)
Salt to taste

How to:
I saute the onion, add the peppers and shrimps.
Later, add in the tofu and fresh chives.
A sprinkle of water and add salt to taste.

Whalla! It's ready for a plate.


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