Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nasi Maqlubah Platinum


'Nasi Maqlubah Platinum' as I named it. Its an Arabic dish with some modification made to it. As usual, as a researcher I love to try and experiment my cooking to suit my taste. And here is how I made it.

I got a recipe from a friend. She claimed that it is super easy to cook. I tried once. Yes, it is easy however, it was a bit bland to me. What do you expect when you learn a recipe just by listening during a conversation. Therefore this time, I made some changes and Alhamdulillah it turned out to be great.

1) Vege
1 round brinjal - cut into quaters
2 potatoes - peeled, cut into quaters
A handful of cauliflower - cut into big chunks
Carrot - cut into 1 inch log-like shapes
(You can add any other ingredients if you wish, but these are recommended by my friend)

Fry separately all the ingredients for a short while. Put aside to cool.

2) Main ingredient
4-5 pieces of chicken (you may use beef or prawns)
About 1 inch of ginger finely chopped (this is my additional ingredients)
Salt to taste

Boiled the chicken till soft. Add the ginger and salt to the boiling water.
Keep the boiling water as a to be used later chicken stock.

3) Spices
For a 3 cup of Basmathi rice I used:
*1 table spoon of beef curry powder
* 1 table spoon of spices for soup
* 1 table spoon of condensed milk
1 table spoon of clove (I added this)
1 table spoon whole black pepper (I added this)
Salt to taste

Mix all the * ingredients and later let it boil for a while.
I used the chicken broth earlier to boil the spices.

Next will be the cooking steps:
  • wash and rinse the rice
  • arrange the fried vege at the bottom of a cooking put (to be used later to cook the rice)
  • sprinkle the cloves and peppers on the vegies
  • pour in the washed rice
  • add water and the boiled spices (for a3 cups of rice, I used 4 and a half cups of liquid)
  • cook on a medium heat till the rice is well cooked.
  • and ready to be served. I had it with some tomato salad.
Total preparation time: Approx 1 hour or less.

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