Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eggless Kek Batik


First, don't forget to answer my Salam. :-)

It's the 12th day of Ramadhan 1433. How is everybody doing? How is your tarawih and taddarrus? Sustain .... insyaAllah.

I would like to share Sabrina's favourite. Something edible to her only when ibu cooked it. It's the Eggless Kek Batik. The original recipe requires at least an egg, however, specifically for my dear Sabrina, I made some modification by omitting the egg from the recipe, Alhamdulillah it turned out fine. Here is how my eggless kek batik looks like.

My ingredients:

*1 bar of butter (250gm) - unsalted is preferable
*10 table spoon of milo
* 3 table spoon of condensed milk
1 packet of biscuit (biskut Marie is preferred) - break into quaters

1. Put all the * ingredients in a pot. Melt it on the stove. Stir consistently.
2. Once all the ingredients melt, turn off the stove, and add the biscuits, mix well - evenly.
3. Now, move the biscuits into a container. Press hard to compact it. When cold, place in the refrigerator.
4. Take it out from the fridge, cut to serve. Serve while chill.

Ummppphhh ......... delicious ............ Alhamdulillah.