Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kue Tiao Soup

Salam all,

The same question popped up over and over again when the office hour is almost over ... what to cook for tonight. I listened to a motivational talk one day saying that many women wasted their energy unnecessarily by thinking what to cook. But I still believe that we need to really think of what to serve our family especially if that will make them happy and healthy. So, here goes the question: "What's for tonight?".

At times I tried to get my husband to solve my problem even though I know that the answer will be a very frustrating one, "Apa-apa je lah". But I still ask, hoping that one day a better answer will be uttered. Asking the kids will more likely receive a very truthful answer. And for last night when given choices between the rice or the kue tiao soup, they eagerly answered "Kue Tiao Soup".

This is how my kue tiao soup looks like. To top up the taste, I blended some hot fresh chillies (cili api) and mix it with the dark soya sauce.

The ingredients are as follows:

1 packet of kue tiao (make sure it is halalan toiyyiban)
Chicken - cut into small pieces
green leafy vege
chicken ball
season it with some salt and pepper
and of cause some onion and garlic - saute
Add about 1 teapoon of corn flour diluted in the water to thicken the soup just before you turn your stove off.

The cooking steps are simple. Saute the onion. Throw in the chicken or any flavoring ingredients. Add water. Wait till all the ingredients are cooked. Season it. You may add other flavors to it to your liking. But belief me, adding prawn to it will really makes it tastier (unfortunately I have none).

Enjoy eating. And don't forget your Basmalah.


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