Monday, May 14, 2012

My Cucur Quality

Salam all,

As usual I would like to share an outdated recipe. I made this some time ago after a 5 days workshop (bukan workshop kereta ye..) at a hotel in Shah Alam. During my stay there, I was like addicted to this food serve by the hotel's kitchen. The interesting part is that, this food is served hot at almost every meal time (breakfast, lunch and sometimes for dinner). I just love the taste. The crunchy taste that can be chewed comfortably. You can also taste the fresh carrot sliced into it. It is very delicious. Many of the workshop participants agreed with me, as we will normally wait patiently for the food to ready to be served at the serving station. Looking below is my version of the food I described earlier.

Some might say, "What? Cucur? What so special about the cucur? Why go to hotel for cucur? You can easily make one."

Yes, I agreed to all the statements above. It is so easy to make cucur. But I like this cucur, and I find it special as it was crunchy. Shamelessly I asked the chef how the cucur was made (the ingredients), the older chef made jokes of my question by replying that he added some 'kapur barus' into it. The other chef, answered, they add some baking powder to the multi purpose flour for the texture. THANK YOU CHEF! Thank you for sharing it with me. I am not going to make business from this recipe. its for me to make the cucur for my family and me!

A search on the internet about baking powder landed me into this useful and interesting information:

Baking powder is comprised of three dry powder ingredients: one that is acidic, one that is base, and one that is filler Most commonly these dry powders are baking soda (base), Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (acidic) and potato starch (filler) When they are dissolved in water the acid and alkali react and form carbon dioxide, which expands into bubbles to leaven the mixture. In recipes using single-acting baking powder, all the carbon dioxide bubbles form when these three ingredients meet with liquid ingredients, which is why the dry ingredients and wet ingredients are kept separate until just before the ingredients are briefly stirred and quickly baked. -

My ingredients for My cucur:

2 cups multi purpose flour
carrot sliced thinly (or grated)
some anchovies or shrimps
1 teaspoon baking powder
salt to taste
about 1 cup of water

Mix all ingredients. Deep fry in a hot cooking oil till golden brown. Serve with the sauces of your choice.

Mmmm .... delicious!

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