Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ready to go breakfast: Omellete and Baked beans

Assalamulaikum all,

At times we are too busy to prepare a breakfast (it is ALWAYS for me) .... but do not feel like having a breakfast outside the house. A fast and simple solution is to bash some eggs into something edible, tasty and healthy. The omellete could just be the answer.

My ready to go breakfast

With 2 eggs, 1 diced tomato, 1 diced button mushroom, a slice of diced capsicum, 2 table spoon of fresh milk, salt and pepper will do just fine with my husband's appetite. You may add cheese if your are fond of it. But not in my case.

Heat the small pan while you mix everything together. Melt a table spoon of butter. Than pour the mixture into the heated melted butter. Let it spread evenly onto the small pan, as it started to hardened, use the spatula to roll the egg to the side on the pan gently. And serve.

I like to have my omellete with baked beans .... you can pair it with others ..... bon appetite .....