Monday, August 27, 2012

Roti Arab & Chicken Kabshah Shwarma

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

During the past Ramadhan, I was a loyal viewer of this cooking show on TV AlHijrah. The show was called 'Hidangan Barakah' hosted by a Jordanian Chef, Chef Ammar. Many delicious Arabian dish were taught through the programe. One dish that caught my interest was the Roti Arab, a flat bread. I used to buy this Roti Arab to be eaten with curry. And now I know that the dish is quite easy to prepare. It took only about 1 hour to prepare and cook it.

With the Roti Arab, we can also use it to make a Shwarma. Shwarma is the middle east food that use grilled beef, lamb or chicken as a filling, and wrapped. Some may use the Roti Arab or the pita bread. Other filling for the shwarma depends on your liking.

Making the Roti Arab:

300gm plain flour
2 table spoon olive oil
1 teaspoon baking water
pinch of salt and sugar
1 cup of plain water (approximate)

How to:
  • Mix all the dry ingredients well in a bowl
  • Add olive oil, mix again
  • Add water, and knead the dough till blend. The dough is soft, you may need some flour on the kneading mat.
  • Form small balls out of the dough (approximately at the size of a ping pong ball) and let it rest for half and hour or so.
  • After the rest, using a rolling pin, roll the balls and cook on a heated frying pan. Turning to the other side when the flat bread began to bloat. And spare only few minutes on this side before serving.

For making my.shwarma, I used:

Leftover kabshah chicken - sliced thinly
Sliced cucumber (pickels will be better)
Mayonnaise (I used eggless)

  • Spread the mayo evenly onto the flat bread (roti arab)
  • Arrange the filling as you like
  • Roll the flat bread. Wrap in an aluminium foil (if you want) and ready to be served.

Yummy ...... Alhamdulillah