Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kerabu Belimbing Buluh

This can be considered as mouth watering dish (for me) ..... meleleh air liur. I'm not sure what 'belimbing buluh' is in English (nak kena tanya cikgu Bahasa Omputih) but it's not always available at the market. I usually will not miss the opportunity to buy this if available. But this time, the belimbing buluh was given by Ustaz Hakeem (Imam Surau al-Mawaddah).

Simple to prepare!

- Slice the belimbing buluh and soak in the salt water (to reduce it's sour taste)
- blend (use the blender for the finer texture of the coconut) grated coconut with fresh chilli.
- Mixed both; and ready for consumption.

Nyum! Nyum!