Saturday, September 10, 2016

Buttered Crab


Lets crabbing for today.

We plan for seafood dish for today: the crab and bamboo clam For bamboo clam, its going to be cooked in chilli, what about for the crab?

After a long discussion, we opted for something very simple. The buttered crab. Not battered but buttered. Alhamdulillah the experiment was a success. It tasted good. You can enjoy the sweetness of the crab unlike if it is cooked in a gravy.

Buttered Crab

5 crabs; cyt into half and washed
5 garlics - crushed
Handful curry leafs
3 table spoon butter

1. Heat the wok. And add butter.
2. When the melts, quickly add crushed garlic and the curry leafs. Fry till brownish.
3. Add crabs. Put the lid on. Let it a while until the crab is well cooked (or to your liking).
4. Sprinkle pepper.

It' s ready..a short cooking a preparation time PLUS its delicious.

Bon appetite.