Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mushroom Soup

Before going the delicious part, let's have some food to feed to our hunger for knowledge. Here's some info about Mushroom. Found it on the internet.

(Source: Food Magazine: Australia's Leading F&B News Website)

23 March 2009

Mushrooms could cut breast cancer rate

Mushrooms and green tea could help halve the risk of breast cancer according to newly released research.

An Australian research study, just published in the International Journal of Cancer, has revealed that 10 grams of mushrooms - less than one button mushroom - per day can protect against breast cancer.

The research found that additional protection was also provided by green tea.

For details, please go to the link.

Now, for the delicious part.

Well, I used to make the mushroom soup with the recipe given by my sister. It is slightly different from Jeni's. That is why I am keeping this recipe so that I could try it one day (bila tuh? ... bila rajin lah ye...)

The recipe

Source: Jeni's

Cream of Mushroom Soup

5 cawan cendawan butang segar
1 1/2 cawan stok ayam (Saya gunakan 1 kiub ayam + air)
1/2 cawan bawang cincang
1/8 sdt thyme kering (Saya tak letak)
3 sdb mentega
3 sdb tepung gandum (kalau tak cukup pekat boleh tambah lagi)
1/4 sdt garam
1/4 sdt serbuk lada hitam
1 cawan half-and-half (saya gunakan 1/2 cawan susu segar + 1/2 cawan whip cream)


  1. Masukkan cendawan, stok ayam, bawang dan thyme dan periuk dan rebus selama hingga cendawan empuk.
  2. Setelah empuk masukkan dalam food processor atau blender, kisar tapi jangan sampai hancur cendawan tu. Biar nampak chunky2 sikit.
  3. Dalam periuk lain, cairkan mentega dan masukkan tepung. Kacau campuran tersebut sehingga sebati. Masukkan campuran susu segar dan whip cream, garam, lada hitam dan campuran cendawan yang dikisar tadi. Boleh masukkan leek dan extra slice mushroom jika suka.
  4. Kacau selalu sehingga mencapai kepekatan yang dikehendaki.
  5. Siap untuk dimakan.

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