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Kerabu Kobis (Cabbage salad)

 Assalamualaikum ..... Hello there! Anybody at home??? I has been too quiet, tooooooo quiet for sooo lonnnnnng.

I smiled when seeing that there was only one posting in the year 2020. Each beginning of the year, I promise myself to be an active writer or blogger ... but never gets fulfilled. Too busy? Too lazy? Well it can be for many reasons. So .... let's mark an entry for 2021, and see if many more to follow.

This is a pretty simple recipe to make. The only effort. required here is to thinly sliced the white cabbage.

This three ingredients salad is nice to have with rice or on sandwiches (you can strain it after a while).

The ingredients:

Pieces of white cabbage - soak in a plain water for about 30 minutes. This will make it crispier. The thinly slice it.

1 large Onion and red chillies - also thinly sliced.

Put everything in a bowl. Season it with vinegar (any kind will do), salt and sugar. Balance the taste. Mix well. Refrigerate it for few minutes. 

Here you go ... a tasty salad for lunch, sandwich tea or dinner.


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