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Kerabu Kobis (Cabbage salad)

 Assalamualaikum ..... Hello there! Anybody at home??? I has been too quiet, tooooooo quiet for sooo lonnnnnng. I smiled when seeing that there was only one posting in the year 2020. Each beginning of the year, I promise myself to be an active writer or blogger ... but never gets fulfilled. Too busy? Too lazy? Well it can be for many reasons. So .... let's mark an entry for 2021, and see if many more to follow. This is a pretty simple recipe to make. The only effort. required here is to thinly sliced the white cabbage. This three ingredients salad is nice to have with rice or on sandwiches (you can strain it after a while). The ingredients: Pieces of white cabbage - soak in a plain water for about 30 minutes. This will make it crispier. The thinly slice it. 1 large Onion and red chillies - also thinly sliced. Put everything in a bowl. Season it with vinegar (any kind will do), salt and sugar. Balance the taste. Mix well. Refrigerate it for few minutes.  Here you go ... a tasty sala
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Briyani Rice Hentam Sajalah

Assalamualaikum I wanted to prepare Nasi Briyani for Iftar the other day, but we did not have any Briyani Spices at home. Added with the laziness to step out of the house especially in this Movement Control Order season, I need to quickly think for some option. My solution is to mix my own spices for briyani. Hoping for it to work. And .... yesss, it works, Alhamdulillah. The ingredients for the rice: 3 cups of Basmathi rice - washed and drained Chicken - cut and washed *2 tablespoon kurma powder *1 tablespoon chicken curry powder *mixed both, add some water to form a thick paste **1 large onion ** 2 cloves of garlic ** 1/2 inch of ginger **Blend all ingredients 1/4 cup evaporated milk Salt for seasoning some Saffron to end it Enough water For frying :  shallot,  cinnamon stick, star anise and clove,  1 piece of pandan leave Ghee Method: In a hot pot, heat the ghee (or cooking oil or you can add both ghee and cooking oil), about 2 tablespoon of it. As I am using Noxxa, i used the stir

Chicken Pie - Modified!

Salam all, its back to school bento again. But, ibu was too busy for something fancy. Therefore, please satisfy with this quick fixed menu. First, the fillings: 2 chicken breast - chopped 2 potatoes - diced 2 carrots - diced 2 onions - diced (Can also add celery if available) About 4 table spoon  or fresh milk or cream 1 table spoon of multi purpose flour Salt and pepper 1. Saute the onion till tender, add the chicken meat and potato. let it cooked and tender. 2. Add the onion 3. Season it with salt and pepper 4. Add fresh milk or cream 5. Thicken it with multi purpose flour Whalla --- the filling is ready! Now for the pastry. As it is a fast to cook version, therefore ibu opted to using the ready made pastry from Kawanku. There are many other brands on the shelf, all are equally good to be used. Ibu lined the small pie mold with the pastry, add the filling and later cover the top with some strips from the same pastry dough.

Kentang pedas

Assalamualaikum.... Having an add-ons dish is a bonus to a meal. This hot potato in sambal is a must try. 1 potato cut into wedges and fried 1 tbs chilli paste 2 tsp sugar 1 tsp vinegar 1 tbs cooking oil 1 onion - minced In a heated oil, add the chilli paste. Cook well. Add sugar, salt and vinegar. Let everything dry a bit. Add the fried potato wedges. Mix well. Simple yet delicious.

Lasagna Modified!

Air fried red snapper

Assalamualaikum.... Its red snapper again. Well.... i bought an almost a kilo red snapper's tail and there's only two of us. As usual... I will always find the easiest way and approah to cook.... the fastest too. And this is what i make using the air fryer. Healthier insha Allah. 1 slice of red snapper marinated with the salt and tumeric powder. Then sprinkle some olive oil. I laid a piece of aluminium foil so that the fish will not stick to the wire rack of the air fryer. I raise the edges of the foil so that any excessive oil will not drain to the bottom of the fryer. This is for easy cleaning too. Then i placed the fish. Set the temperature to 160 and time for about 15 minutes. I turned the air fryer on. And.... whalla! The fish is ready. It is so juicy and tender. For the french beans... i cleaned it. Put into the skillet and sprinkle some olive oil. Turn the heat on and begin turning or flipping the beans (as they cooked very fast). When ready, just add pinch of salt

Snapper tail soup

Salam... Its Friday. Its home-cooked lunch. And today is not a so good day. I woke up at the wrong side of the bed.... i was dizzy. But ...i still lunch for my day, so i opted for something simple and fast. The fish soup. I have half snapper in the freezer. The tail woul be nice for a soup. Ingredients: 1 fish tail 1 inch ginger - sliced 1 onion - sliced 2 garlic - crushed 1 tbs whole pepper Cooking oil for saute 1. Saute the onions, garlic, ginger and pepper in a lowly heated cooking oil. 2. Add 1 glass of water. Wait till boil. 3. Add the fish tail. 4. Season. 5. Garnish with spring onion and cilantro. Done! Bon appetite......